Stainless Steel Modular Wall Panels

Transforma provides a modular wall panel system designed and manufactured for specific use in operation rooms and other areas in hospitals; the panels are manufactured with high precision using Stainless Steel AISI 304 with an antimicrobial powder coated surface finish resistant to living organisms and chemical substances.

Standard dimension
Panel WidthMax. 1,190 mm
Panel HeightMax. 3,000 mm (Room height)
Panel Thickness14 mm and 20 mm
Steel thickness1 mm and 0.8 mm

Technical Data
Panel CompositionPanel Composition Anti-Microbial powder coating; Activity reduction: 99.8%

Stainless Steel AISI 304; 1mm and 0.8 mm thickness

Anti-Humidity or Anti-Fire gypsum plasterboard; 12.5 mm and 15 mm thickness 
Surface finisch optionsPowder coating with colored RAL finish; according to standard colors chart*

Scotch brite finish **

Printing of design images on powder coating; sublimation process
Fixture methodScrews on Galvanized Steel supporting structure
Fixture coveringSilicone gasket

*: The standard RAL colors are:

  • WHITE RAL 9003
  • PINK RAL 3015
  • PURPLE RAL 4005
  • DARK BLUE RAL 5012
  • LIGHT BLUE RAL 240 80 20
  • ORANGE RAL 1037
  • YELLOW RAL 1018
  • BEIGE RAL 1001


The above basic colors are indicative as reference, but Transforma is eager to propose a design combination based on the colors you select, especially in case of strong/dark hues preference, recommended to alternate with white or light colors

Standards & Certification:

  • Quality certification: complies to European standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Sound insulation certification: (for wall panel system) 50 dB
  • Fire resistance certification: (for wall panel system) EI 60 Minutes
  • Shock resistance certification in accordance with ETAG 003 guideline and standard UNI ISO 7892:1990 (for wall panel system)
  • Anti-Microbial coating: ISO 22196:2007 reduction of 99.8% performed on K. Pneumonia
  • Material complies to European Standard EN 520: 2004 + A1: 2009UNI EN ISO 10346: 2011