PVC Wall Panels

Transforma Healthcare has specialized in producing and supplying the partition walls/wall panels and cladding systems that construct the modern shape of the operation, clean rooms and general areas of modern way hospitals. The UPVC wall cladding system provided by Transforma includes an antimicrobial range; all antimicrobial products contain a silver-ion technology, creating surfaces upon which microbes do not survive. Laboratory and real-life testing has proved it reduces microbes by 99.9% and effectively fights a wide variety of microbes.

PVC Wall Cladding Sheet Description:

Transforma PVC wall cladding solution could be provided in the standard white color and a wide range of colors as seen below:

The PVC panels are available in the following dimensions and characteristics:

Thickness: 2.5 mm

Size(s): 2500 mm x 1220 mm

2750 mm x 1220 mm

3050 mm x 1220 mm

Weight: 3.5 kg/m

Maximum Service Temp: 60˚C

The Wall Cladding extruded sheet is supplied with a peelable film providing protection throughout installation. The system provides a hygienic, easy to clean and almost maintenance free surface finish.


The wall cladding sheets can be fixed directly to most dry substrates using one of the following methods

• 2-part Epoxy Trowel-on Glue:

A 2 part polyurethane full coverage adhesive for most substrates.

• Single part Water based Glue:

A single part, water based full coverage adhesive for porous substrates only.


The sheet can be cut with a jigsaw, electric nibblers or a fine toothed handsaw.


1. A high impact, 1 part PVC H joint, co-extruded with an integral watertight seal at the mouth of the joint.

2. Silicone joint 3-4mm wide.

3. Hot Welded Joint

Internal/External Corners:

The wall cladding sheets can be thermoformed on site to ensure internal and external corners, including window and door reveals are neatly clad without an edge joint.


Regular cleaning with a mild liquid detergent and warm water using a soft, non abrasive cloth will ensure quality of performance. The sheet is resistant to solvent cleaning if necessary. A non abrasive domestic type cream cleaner can be used for stubborn marks. Do not use abrasive cleaners or pads.

Chemical Resistance:

The wall cladding sheets have a smooth non-porous surface with dimensional stability and excellent chemical resistance. A full chemical resistance chart is available on request.

Storage and Conditioning: 

Sheets should be stored flat and fully supported. Leave for 24 hours to attain the ambient room temperature (Min 14°C)

Limitations of Use:

The wall cladding sheets have a maximum service temperature of 60°C.

Food and Safety: 

Approved to EC Directive 97/48/EC.


The wall cladding sheets do not contain heavy metals. The wall cladding sheets do not support the growth of bacteria or mold.

Fire Behavior:

The Wall Cladding sheets achieve the following standards: 

BS476 Part 7 Classification 1

BS476 Part 6 Classification 0

EN 1SO 13501 Classification Bs3d0

The cladding sheets are self-extinguishing.