HPL Modular Wall Panels

Transforma provides a modular wall panel system designed and manufactured for specific use in operation rooms and other areas in hospitals; the panels are manufactured with high precision using High Pressure Laminate (HPL) solid boards with an antimicrobial surface finish resistant to living organisms and chemical substances.

Panel WidthMax. 1,300 mm
Panel HeightMax. 3,000 mm (Room height)
Panel Thickness14 mm and 20 mm

Technical Data
Panel CompositionAnti-Microbial colored/texture surface finish or Design print surface finish

Solid High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) board
Surface finish optionsColored Anti-Microbial surface finish; according to standard colors chart

Normal Colored surface finish; according to standard colors chart

Design print finish; design to be selected with Transforma team

Write-away surface finish

Magnetic board option available
Fixture methodScrews on Galvanized Steel supporting structure
Fixture coveringSilicone gasket

Standards & Certification:

  • In compliance with Directive 89/106/CEE “Construction Products” (CPD)
  • CE Mark on Stratificato F1 print HPL products
  • In compliance with EN 13823 (SBI Test)
  • In compliance with ISO 11925-2 (Small flame test)
  • Reaction to fire performance in accordance with standard EN 13501-1
  • Product certified and in compliance with standard for “Low Chemical Emissions, UL 2818”