Pressure Relief Damper

The TRANSFORMA Pressure Relief Damper range is made from a high grade stainless steel, which guarantees the longevity of their operating life. The aluminum frame allows for a lighter unit and safe wall mounting. With an attractive design which features front-facing balance weights as well as sleek pivot pins and bearings. To offer the most bespoke product, we also supply a variety of powder coating options. Self-activating and with over 98% accuracy, you can rest easy that our products will be effective in critical situations. Every unit is different, the key features of the our items’ range are below.


PRD WidthBased on the room operating pressure
PRD Height 162 mm to 818 mm max
PRD Thickness For walls from 129 mm and 20 mm
Blades Steel height136 mm

Technical Data

Main elementsAnodized Aluminum finish for frame

Weighted rotating louvered shutters, based on applied pressure 
CompositionAluminum frame anodized

Stainless Steel AISI 304 pivoting blades with steel weight as per calculation

Back frame closure in Aluminum thickness as per total wall size   
Surface finish optionsPowder coating with colored RAL finish; according to standard colors chart

Scotch brite finish
Fixture method on panelIntegrated in modular wall panel
Origin EU

Standards & Certification:

- Quality certification: complies to European standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

- Anti-Microbial coating: ISO 22196:2007 reduction of 99.8% performed on K. Pneumonia

- Applicable Relevant Standards HTM 03-01, HTM 2025, HBN4, HBN13, and ISO14644-1