Medical Areas Ceiling Panels system

Transforma provides a clip-in ceiling system with powder coating surface finish created for use in general areas in the hospital premises. The major requirements of such a ceiling panel system is to provide the ease of accessibility for quick and easy maintenance; where one panel could be removed easily without having to remove any of the surroundings. The system is also built to be compatible with a range of lighting options that are suitable for hospital general areas.

Ceiling Panel Dimensions600 x 600 x 27h mm

600 x 1200 x 27h mm
Steel thickness 0.5 mm
Finish type(s) Right Edges 90˚ or Beveled Edges 45˚

Technical Data
Panel CompositionPowder coating surface finish

Galvanized Steel; 0.5 mm thickness (Standard)
Surface finish - Powder coating with RAL 9003 color (Standard)

- Other RAL colors available upon request; according to standard colors chart
Fixture methodClip-in system, supplied with Galvanized steel hidden structure, hangers and perimeter profiles to support the ceiling system safely
Country of OriginItaly

Standards & Certification:

  • Release of dangerous substances: No release of any dangerous substances according to European law EN 13964:2007